Every great work of art has two faces,
one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity.

With over twenty years experience collecting comic book art, Henry Baba has honed his innate talent to recognize art that has only gained phenomenal increasing popularity, multi-dimensional value but mostly the priceless knowledge to share his secrets of buying, selling, and trading art for pleasure and profit.

Background- Biography
However the true essence of Henry’s inevitable and destined success in the comic world began even before he was born. Born and raised in an affluent San Francisco neighborhood to a striking Japanese American couple who fell in love during WWII in a Japanese Internment camp he felt the backlash of parents’ generation. With Henry’s tough James Dean type Father who smoked and swore and worked on muscle American cars as his weekend hobby and never backing down from blatant racist remarks with both fists immediately waving in the air while his beautiful mother – a professional pianist taught countless students on her grand piano – Henry grew up with his Father’s inherent knack for understanding aesthetics and machinery while inheriting his Mother’s talent for the arts.

And so in this beautiful house in San Francisco doted on as the only child and sent the most prestigious private schools there the ‘rebel’ in Henry was conceived. When most people think of rebels we think of blatant acts people do for attention. Henry rebellious streak budded silently at the early age of 10 as he was first introduced to his first comic book. Naturally drawn to comic books filled with danger, violence, evil, power, special powers, excitement and content far beyond the understanding of ten year old child by his teenage years he already had a hefty comic book collection. And then addicted to comic books as the release to his rebellious dark side, Henry began his life long search, commitment and sheer passion to find and identify the rebel in him with the next best comic book hero or villain. With his Father’s tough edge and Henry’s accounting background he built a solid business comic book art empire.

But his Mother was the key to his success as her strokes from her delicate hands more often than not flew off the piano keys onto her beloved son’s face. And here is where he learned the true beauty of sensitivity and appreciation for the arts as he today identifies the plight and passion of comic book artists.

Henry Baba Inc. - The Beginning
One evening a friend visited Henry at his San Francisco home. They both stared in awe at Henry’s art collection with custom made frames dominating every inch of every wall of every room. As a natural at buying items that he just knows will go up in value he started pointing out some art pieces that would indeed make a hefty profit should he choose to sell it. With a sigh and not someone to one day pass on his art collection to- Henry told his friend how he feels almost obligated to give back to the art community as they would be the only one to truly appreciate his life long collection. As a sheer whim, his friend suggested to Henry that he should help others in the art community to continue the fine sport of doing just that- continuing on building the legacy of comic art. And that is how the Henry Baba Inc.was born.

New Talent, Old Talent- if you caught his eye its Talent
Having a distinct eye for raw new talent The Henry Baba Inc. seeks artists starting out their career as well as putting the spotlight on artists gone un-noticed. He gives them his rare seal of his high expectations of a bonafide artist thus immediately promoting the artist’s chance to be properly and formally introduced into the comic art world.

Comic art collector’s best ally
Just as successful on the other side, the Henry Baba Inc. consults with other art collectors and gives them advice on the realistic value of their collection if they desire to sell or trade.

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